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November 29, 2013
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C-A: Marcel by FlyKiwiFly C-A: Marcel by FlyKiwiFly
For :iconcolossus-atrox: 
(I just really wanted another male OC to RP with...ahahhaha.....hahha....*is shot*)

"Don't get the wrong's not that Titans don't scare's just that I'm more afraid of humans..."

Name: Marcellus Schirmer (He rarely gives out this name to anyone anymore)
Nickname: Marcel You could also call him Marcie/Marcy....but he probably won't like it *is hit
Squad: Stationary Guard
Age: 17
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Ethnicity: French/German
Sexuality: ???

:bulletblue: Combat: 3
:bulletblue: Agility: 9
:bulletblue: Defense: 5
:bulletblue: Strategy: 5
:bulletblue: Teamwork: 3

(Total: 25)

Task 3 Part A:
Task 3 Part B:

Honest | Selfish | Blunt | Quiet | Aloof | Hard Working | Pessimistic | Observant

Marcel is the type of person who will not just let anyone into his life. He takes a lot of time observing a person before deciding whether or not he will open up to them. While it is difficult to get Marcel to warm up to you, it is possible to befriend him...sort of... After almost starving to death after the fall of Wall Maria, his views on humanity become extremely jaded and instilled in him a sort of fear of other humans due to what he saw and experienced. This fear causes him to be more wary around others....

Generally, he tends to distance himself from others due to the fact that he's afraid of forming attachments with others and is afraid losing people. He understands that he cannot survive/live on his own and that he needs friends, however, the knowledge that they will all eventually die and he will be alone again is always present in Marcel's mind. He is also particularly worried about betrayal as he believes that when it comes right down to it, friendships mean almost nothing when a person's own well-being is at stake. (Maybe if he befriends the right people this mindset he's trapped in will disappear...)

Marcel is particularly honest and blunt towards everyone he meets. Seeing how they all do not know how much time they have left to live, Marcel sees no reason to hold back when telling people what he truly thinks when spoken to. Otherwise, he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself.

He is also the type of person who generally does not do anything beyond what he's told to do. Marcel is currently NOT willing to go the extra mile or do anything special for anyone else unless there is some sort of benefit to him. His current objective is to keep himself alive and in one piece and that is all.

In the beginning, Marcellus lived a relatively peaceful life with his father in the Shiganshina district. His mother had passed away when he was 3 and Marcellus spent most of the early years of his life helping out at his father, who was a tailor. With the arrival of the Colossal Titan, father and son had to flee their home. They were lucky enough to escape by boat, however, they were unable to escape the food shortages while they took refuge in Wall Rosé. Despite Marcellus' father having friends who resided within Wall Rosé, none of them would offer the two shelter or food.

When the central government government announced their plans to retake Wall Maria, Marcellus begged his father not to join the campaign...and instead work at a farm (it would be hard work, but at least they would be together and more importantly, alive). His father reassured Marcellus and told him to get some rest and that they would discuss things in the morning. However, when morning came, Marcellus awoke to find that his father was long gone and all that was left behind was a single letter addressed to him.

Afraid of what the letter might say, Marcellus does not open it and goes to work on a farm. However, food is still short and Marcellus eventually started to steal any extra piece of food he could get.

One day, while he was running off with a stolen loaf of bread, he encountered another orphan in the alleyways. The child, who was extremely thin, reached out to Marcellus as if to ask him for a piece of bread. Marcellus, who was too hungry at the time, ran past the child and did not look back.

A few days later, after procuring some apples, Marcellus thought back to the child in the alleyway and decided to share the fruit with her. He found her. She had not moved from the spot where he had first seen her....however, she had already died from starvation. Upon seeing the child's corpse, something in Marcellus breaks... He was mortified that, during his time of desperation, he acted exactly like his father's "friends" had acted when he and his father needed help and had left the child to die. Marcellus then understood that he, like all other human beings, was selfish... This thought mortified Marcellus.

It was then Marcellus decided to live only for himself. As he devoured the apples, he swore to never go hungry again and more importantly, live his own life for as long as he can. He then enlisted in the military with the idea that the military can't have hungry soldiers.

With this new chapter in his life about to start, Marcellus decided to abandon his old name and now lives under the name "Marcel".

1.) To not starve to death (military's gotta keep their soldiers fed...right?) <- Such a noble reason, eh?
2.) Military's got to have people... so he might as well fight/die for humanity so someone who actually has people who would cry for them doesn't have to fight/die. slightly more noble reason

:bulletblue: Food (especially pomegranates)
:bulletblue: Using the 3DMG
:bulletblue: Sewing/Knitting/Embroidery
:bulletblue: Cooking
:bulletblue: Reading

:bulletblue: Cold weather
:bulletblue: People who waste food
:bulletblue: Rats (he had a bad experience with them)
:bulletblue: Being alone
:bulletblue: Losing someone he cares about


- Marcel does not 'hate' Titans....he doesn't like them...but he doesn't hate them. He thinks of them as acting on instinct like any other animal, so he does not blame them for what they do. (Again, he doesn't like them, but he doesn't hate them)

- He finds human beings to be more "frightening" than the Titans.... His reasoning is this: Titan's make it VERY clear what their intentions are... They are here to eat/kill you. Humans, however, don't always make their intentions clear... and doesn't that make them scarier? (He also finds it easier to fight Titans rather than dealing with people).

- For some odd reason, he keeps his fingers bandaged up. He won't give a reason why he does this (maybe it has something to do with his sewing hobby?)

- Marcel sometimes sleeps with his eyes open.

- Closure is VERY important to Marcel.... (though he still has yet to open that letter from his father) The main reason why he is willing to learn the names of the other soldiers is so that if they happen to die in battle, at least Marcel would be able to identify them and give their loved ones some closure. (Something he doesn't really have)

- Marcel does not believe "selfless" people exist. To him, everyone is selfish in some way.

- He has an extreme fondness of pomegranates.

- He is a light sleeper.

- Marcel tends to have some sort of food item on him at all times. One of his goals is to "not die on an empty stomach".

- Despite his fear of humans, he still values human life and always feels guilty when he fails to help someone in need.

- Marcel considers himself to be a horrible person. He knows and understands his flaws, but isn't really willing to change at the moment.

OMG....he looks NOTHING like his original self.... 
Marcellus Schirmer by FlyKiwiFly

Task 3 Part A:
Task 3 Part B:

RP Preferences:
Chat....Notes...or Skype (note me for my skype)
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HeroicRebellion Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
interesting. Does he have any relation with the canonical Marcel?
FlyKiwiFly Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope. Actually, I named my fellow Marcel before they changed the name of the canonical Marcel (though I forget his original name)
HeroicRebellion Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
alright just curious thats all

and the original name is Bertek
ShOrtSh4dow Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Congrats for making it in! I can't wait to see more from Marcy ;D
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